DeCicco & Sons’ Christmas Catering Menu 2016

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Looking to make this year’s Christmas dinner one that is of superior quality, beautifully presented and memorably delicious? DeCicco & Sons accomplished chefs and bakers will ensure that your holiday dinner table is adorned with the best quality appetizers, entrees and desserts available, created just for you. Choose from a wide variety of options, including USA Raised All Natural Bell & Evans Turkey, Premium Angus Prime Rib Roast, Spiral Ham and myriad other entree options, sold both individually or part of generous dinner packages that include sides, stuffing, gravy and more.

Combined with our vast selection of beautifully crafted platters, fresh local seafood dishes, carefully assembled cheese boards, store prepared salads, professionally prepared sides, and a wide array of baked cakes, pies, pastries, confections and desserts that are perfect for the holiday season, DeCicco & Sons is your one-stop destination for treating your family to a holiday feast like they’ve never experienced before.

View and download our detailed Christmas Catering Menu below and be sure to place your order early by phone or in your local store’s deli!

DeCicco & Sons wishes you and your family a warm and heartfelt Merry Christmas!

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