DeCicco & Sons Bakery Department

Custom Cakes & Desserts

Here at DeCicco & Sons, we create beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts that are perfect for any occasion.

Whether it is for a holiday, wedding, graduation or any other special event, DeCicco & Sons custom cakes are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Jungle Themed Custom Cake

Seasonal Cakes & Treats

We create beautiful and delicious seasonal treats that are perfect for any event.

Get into the spirit of the season with our wide range of homemade cookies, cakes, and other goods baked fresh throughout the day.

Everyday Favorites

From homemade cakes and Italian pastries to cookies and breads, our bakery is stocked with treats baked fresh throughout the day using only premium ingredients. We also partner with other family businesses like Zaro’s Bakery, Rockland Bakery, Carousel Cakes, and Arthur Avenue’s Zurro’s Bread to provide additional quality options.

chocolate cakes

Sal & Dom’s Famous
Pastry Shop

For over 50 years, Sal & Doms famous pastry shop has produced freshly baked, traditional Italian treats. DeCicco & Sons is proud to work with a fellow family owned business, and offer our customers their pastries and seasonal favorites like Struffoli and Pastiera.