• Mikkeller NYC & Mikkeller SD 7/20 [LARCHMONT]

    Hang on to your hats folks because this is going to be a good one! In the last 3 years Mikkeller has opened new breweries in the US; Mikkeller Brewing San Diego back in 2016 and Mikkeller Brewing NYC earlier this year. Making great beer from coast to coast, we are fortunate enough to be less than 15 miles away from Citi Field making us one of the first in the state to host both breweries at the same time. Don’t miss out!

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    Tap List (subject to change)


    Willet Wit

    Chop Shop

    Say Hey Sally

    Beer Geek Parlor



    Staff Magician

    Windy Hill

    Tapioca Hazy Concoction

    Easy Does it

    Passion Pool

    Midnight Stranger

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