School Rebate Program

Each year the DeCicco Family donates thousands of dollars back to the community through various schools, PTA/PTSAs, and education foundations at no cost to you!

Please fill out our request form and attach all the documents requested below. School rebate requests are not handled over the phone or by mail.

In order to be considered for the rebate program, you must submit a 501c. If your enrollment is approved, you will receive a call from our PTA department, who will explain the program in detail.

Depending on your store, there are two ways to participate. Request a duplicate receipt at time of checkout and drop the original receipt in the receipt box provided by your local PTA/PTSA, or for stores that are digitally enrolled link your DeCicco & Sons customer card to your PTA/PTSA and the rebate is calculated automatically! Currently, Ardsley, Millwood and Somers participate in digitally enrolled rebates. Other locations will be enrolled in the future.

All account information must be updated by the end of August for each organization to participate in the upcoming school year’s program. All accounts will be deactivated in June at the end of the school year. Accounts will only be renewed with the completion of this form.

DeCicco & Sons will send your organization a check at the end of each rebate period to the address listed below. Please be sure to deposit checks as soon as possible because they will become void within 60 days.

DeCicco & Sons has the right to change the rebate % or terminate a rebate account at any time, for any reason with or without notice. Please allow two weeks for new account to be set up.