To Our Family of Customers,

Please know, that first and foremost, as a family owned business, DeCicco & Sons is committed to the safety and security of your family.

Like you, we have spent the last several days and weeks learning about coronavirus, and building an understanding of the measures and precautions we need to take to a rapidly changing environment. At DeCicco & Sons, that has meant quickly gaining an understanding of how coronavirus and the concerns about its spread will affect our customers, our employees, and our communities.

Our guiding principle has always been, and will continue to be keeping you, and our employees safe, and supported in the best way that we can. The communities in which our stores are found are far more than store locations – they the communities in which we, our team, friends, and families live. We know the important role we serve in these communities, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We have made every effort to adapt based on the best information currently available, and we will continue to do so. During your next visit to DeCicco & Sons, you may notice some temporary changes. Some of the steps we’ve taken to serve you best include:

-Cleaning & Sanitizing Our Stores

-Item Limitations & Quality

-Team Member Information & Direction

-Stocking Our Shelves & Item Limitations

-Demos & Sampling

-Online Shopping

We understand that DeCicco & Sons plays an important role in the communities in which we are located, and we are committed to safely supporting our customers and Team Members during this. Thank you for your understanding and for choosing to shop with us.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Our Stores

DeCicco & Sons is committed to providing a safe environment for our Customers and Team Members. To help the battle against the novel Coronavirus, we have drastically increased our already stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures.

In all of our stores, our customers and team members can expect:

  • Frequent sanitization of shopping cart, baskets, and common surfaces throughout the day
  • A daily thorough deep clean and sanitization of the entire store and storage areas by our team
  • A nightly commercial sanitization by a licensed company
  • Continued and reinforced training on all safety and sanitization policies
  • Additional safety equipment and measures for receivers and vendors
  • Suspension of all demos and sampling until further notice

Item Limitations & Quality

Our meat department has always been one of our greatest strengths; we pride ourselves on offering only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, humanely raised meat products. However, the nationwide extreme increase in demand and travel/ import limitation has resulted in the necessity to offer varying quality meats.

At times we will offer Conventional Chicken and Beef. While we will continue to offer the brands you have been accustomed to, such as Springer Farms, Natural and Antibiotic Free, Humanely Raised Chicken, and Bell and Evans Chicken, we may be forced to substitute with Grade “A” conventional chicken- the product will be clearly labeled “Grade “A” conventional chicken” and the price will be less- reflective of this change.

As for the Beef Products, we previously only sold USDA Choice, Natural and Antibiotic Free, Humanely Raised Beef from Creekstone farms. At times, we may be forced to offer conventionally grown beef. The product will be labeled “Conventional Beef USDA Choice Beef” and the price will be less- reflective of this change.

Please understand that the decision to offer products that vary in quality was not decided easily. Instead, we decided to have products for you to purchase rather than have empty shelves.

Team Member Information & Direction

Our Team Members receive real-time updates and direction on policy and procedural change. Cleaning and sanitation requirements are reinforced every hour. In addition to these updates, we have drastically modified the Attendance and Sick Leave policy to ensure that Team Members remain home if they are feeling ill and/or has a fever. Additional measures are in place to ensure that anyone who has been in contact to with anyone who is ill or displays signs of illness also remains home.

Stocking Our Shelves & Item Limitations

We are in around-the-clock contact with our suppliers and diligently working to ensure that the items you need are available in our stores. Items such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning products are in very limited supply across the United States; however, as soon as the products become available we are moving quickly to stock our shelves to make them available to you.

As the demand for these products increase and the supply drastically decreases, we ask that everyone limit their purchases of certain items to ensure that most people have access to these resources. Please be aware of signs on certain items such as paper goods, sanitizers, gallons of water, etc. that limit the quantity of each item that can be purchased.

Demos & Sampling

Although the danger of contracting the Coronavirus from food packaging is low, we are nevertheless taking extra precaution to prevent the spread of the virus. Subsequently, we are suspending all commercial demos and sampling until further notice.

Online Shopping

DeCicco’s & Sons Online Shopping and Deliver is a wonderful option to help customers order and receive groceries without leaving their homes. With the help of Instacart you can have fresh food delivered in only a few short hours. For orders please visit