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Autumn’s Most Wonderful Libations

By Brendon O’Brien

There is no better time of year for beer than that magical transition from Summer to Fall. The nights slowly become crisper, campfires start earlier, and the beer ranges from the deeply traditional to the heavy-handed. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy as they watch the leaves turn to yellow ochre and burnt umber this season. Life is changing all around us constantly, Fall is just the most boastful about it. So, this year just sit back, sip one of these libations, and forget your worries. You deserve it!

Rothaus Marzen

Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus Marze – More recognizably called Rothaus Marzen around these parts, this is the first time we’ve received bottles of this once-a-year creation from our favorite German brewery in the Black Forest. The name might be a mouthful, but the real joy is in every mouthful of this traditional lager! Pale straw hue, aromas of biscuits, and subtle noble hops. Southern German malt is used to give this beer its defining character. Smooth, repeatable, and quenching. Made for sunsets with someone you love.

Thin Man Oktoberfest

Thin Man Oktoberfest – The lederhosen-clad can is enough to make anyone feel festive. Couple in toasty malt, herbaceous hops, and a rich flavor profile, and you have found a soft pretzel’s best friend. Our good friends up in Buffalo have tried their hand at the historic German Marzen style, and it is fantastic! Serious notes of Autumn in this bad boy!


Newburgh Brown Ale – Deep, dark brown in appearance, this staff favorite is for when those nights start to get crisp. A notable take on the South English style with chocolate, toffee, and pumpernickel notes. Although this beer is not shy on flavor, it maintains a manageable ABV for repeating. Its slightly sweet malt backbone is great for reducing with onions and plating with your favorite bratwurst or burgers. Take a scenic ride to the brewery and overlook the Hudson Valley as it peacocks all of Fall’s colors!

Sloop No Pumpkin

Sloop NO Pumpkin – You read that correctly – No pumpkins were harmed in the making of this beer because it is a straight-up IPA. Sloop’s brazen take on the seasonal style is to not brew the seasonal style. For this, we love them! Hazy in appearance with tropical and citrus aroma and flavors. This is for all you IPA lovers who refuse to adapt your palates seasonally. Stubborn hop heads! Pair this with chipotle adobo root vegetable tacos and pretend like you’re embracing Autumn.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale – There would be a revolt if we didn’t include a pumpkin beer selection on this list, so we give a nod to one of the classics! Truly like a slice of pumpkin pie in liquid form. Caramel sweetness and cinnamon and spice notes dominate the palate. You know it, you love it. Now grab a bottle and go rake those leaves!