The DeCicco family has always taken pride in offering outstanding, restaurant quality meat. Our hand-selected team of butchers is a bit old-fashioned, with more traditional, and less commercial, techniques. That means we grind our beef fresh every single day, from fresh cuts of beef (no pre-ground tube meat, like some big-box stores). We make a variety of homemade pork and chicken sausages following authentic, classic recipes using quality, premium ingredients.

DeCicco & Sons offers beef from Pineland Farms and Strauss. Pineland Farms raises beef on family farms with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and fed with a strict vegetarian diet. Strauss raises beef on family farms that is 100% grass fed and finished, raised on open pastures with no antibiotics and no added hormones, and is agriculturally sustainable and environmentally friendly. DeCicco & Sons offers chicken that is antibiotic free with no added hormones, as well as Bell & Evans Organic chicken. Our Prarie Grove Farms pork is antibiotic free with no added hormones, and free of artificial growth stimulants and artificial ingredients. Finally, we offer many specialties, including oven and grill ready meals, wild game sausages (including wild boar, elk, and alligator), fresh rabbits, and suckling pigs. Stop in and ask a butcher for more details on specialty items, or for an idea, recipe, and quick tip on what to make for dinner.