A Night in Maine. Friday April 22. 5pm to 9pm at DeCicco and Sons in Eastchester.


DeCicco & Sons Eastchester
777 White Plains Rd
Eastchester, NY 10583

Date & Time

Friday, April 22nd, 2022
5:00pm – 9:00pm

Ticket Info

Free Admission


Maine’s Best Coming to Eastchester!

Friday, April 22, in Eastchester, we’ll be welcoming some of the very best breweries in Maine to our taps! The Pine Tree state is home to some of our absolute favorite brews, so we thought it was time to celebrate them!

And when you spend a night in Maine, you know the food has to match the beer. So for one night only we’ll be offering lobster rolls, oysters, and the revered “Maine Italian” sandwich to mark the occasion.


  • Oxbow Luppolo
  • Oxbow Infinite Darkness
  • Oxbow Blackberry Oblivion
  • Maine Beer Co Spring
  • Maine Beer Co Dinner
  • Goodfire One Fine Morning
  • Goodfire Yugen
  • Allagash Coolship Red
  • Allagash White