Location: 266 Route 202, Somers, New York 10589
Date: 1/31/20
Time: 5:00pm – 9:30pm
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Skip the traffic, forget the tolls, and save some gas. Travel down Route 84 from the comfort of the bar as we highlight the best breweries along the way. Also joining us again, enjoy the Jam Night with Matt Compito, looking to play the night away with us.

Stops along the way:

-Hudson Valley
-Rushing Duck
-Industrial Arts
-Plan Bee

Tap List

Newburgh Purrfect Wheat
Newburgh Bananas Foster
Industrial Arts Pocket Wrench
Sloop DDH Down Under Bomb
Sloop Turbo Speed
Plan Bee Barn Beer
Hardscrabble Unfiltered
Hardscrabble Cranberry
Rushing Duck 50ft Migration
Rushing Duck Ya Dun Goofed
Equilibrium MC2
Equilibrium Rock Fantasy
Equilibrium RHO
Obercreek Fall into Place
Obercreek French Press
Hudson Valley Amulet