3D Mockup of a craft beer section for the Larchmont location

DeCicco & Sons Goes Green in Larchmont

This fall, DeCicco & Sons will open the doors to one of the nation’s most energy-efficient, cleanest, and greenest supermarkets in beautiful Larchmont.

3D Mockup of a craft beer section for the Larchmont location

It will include all of the features DeCicco & Sons customers have grown to love—an upstairs dining area, a full-service craft beer and wine bar, fresh meat, seafood and produce departments, etc.—but it’s the unique technological advancements behind the scenes that will put the new store at the forefront of doing “green” business.

According to John DeCicco, Jr., President of DeCicco & Sons, “With our new store in Larchmont, we are presenting our customers and employees with a new paradigm in the supermarket shopping experience: a store that incorporates intelligent energy-efficiency and on-site clean and green renewable energy, every minute, every day.”

DeCicco & Sons is reinforcing its “green philosophy” by pursuing the highly standardized government certification known as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). It is considered the world’s premier benchmark for high-performance green buildings, and is designed to save money, resources, and have a positive impact on the health of shoppers while promoting renewable, clean energy.

Some of the advanced, innovative technologies used by DeCicco & Sons in Larchmont include:

1. Solar Panel Energy
Solar Paneling is a major renewable energy source for the new Larchmont store. The entire roof of this 25,000 square-foot building will be solar paneled, absorbing over 30 percent of the store’s electricity requirements. The other 70 percent will come from other renewable sources.

2. CO2 Refrigeration System
This technologically advanced Heat Reclaiming System is the first of its kind being implemented into a supermarket in the United States. It works by systematically taking all of the wasted heat that’s generated from the refrigeration system and transfers it to reusable energy to power machines for chilling water and providing heat and hot water for the entire store.

3. Automated Tracking System
Through a unique monitoring process, the humidity and temperature levels of the store can be tracked 24/7, determining how much energy is being saved. The monitors in the kitchen exhaust hoods will now control and manage the air in the kitchen, independent from the rest of the store. This monitoring system also controls newly installed motorized night curtains that reduce energy being used by an amazing 70 percent.

4. LED Lighting
Gone is the traditional lighting. It will all be replaced with advanced, energy-efficient LED lighting, coupled with motion sensors, and a use of one-tenth of the energy of conventional lighting.

5. Recyclable Materials. Local Suppliers
The bricks of the store’s actual structure are reclaimed from construction sites in lower Manhattan and the wood is reclaimed from old barns in upstate New York. A new patented “filler component” called Positive is included in all concrete, tiles, stucco, and other materials used. Reduced water usage in faucets and toilets, water pumps, and dishwashers add to the smart conservation.

Technology Teamwork at work
John DeCicco, Jr says, ”I have learned that the successful solution for utmost energy efficiency is not doing only one thing, but doing many things. It’s a significant investment, but also a smart one, with long-lasting dividends for this generation and the ones to follow.”

The new DeCicco & Sons Larchmont will be located at 2141 Palmer Avenue. For more information, visit DeCicco & Sons’ official website: www.DeCiccoAndSons.com.

DeCicco & Sons Larchmont
2141 Palmer Ave