Butcher area in DeCicco & Sons

DeCicco’s Opens Friday in Millwood with Trademark Foods, Green Tech

There’s a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting at 3PM but you don’t have to wait.

Butcher area in DeCicco & SonsMILLWOD, NY — DeCicco & Sons opens its seventh store Friday in Millwood, much to the delight of residents near the hamlet, which borders on Chappaqua, Briarcliff Manor, Ossining and Yorktown.

The big event will be at 3 p.m., when Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will cut the ceremonial ribbon, declaring it “DeCicco & Sons Millwood Recognition Day in Westchester County.”

In advance, the county exec had this to say: “Congratulations to the DeCicco family on opening its newest supermarket in Westchester County. Their commitment to quality, customer service, the community and the environment is a true recipe for success. I wish them all the best and thank them for their continued dedication to the people of Westchester.”

But you won’t have to wait till then to check out how the store has modernized the tired old space of the A&P.

The 20,000 square ft. store will include a Beer and Wine Tasting Bar, a multi-level Cafe, and rotating selections of world-renowned craft beers on tap; a full-service Sushi counter; hot seafood selections; and extensive meats, cheeses, deli and bakery sections. Locally sourced, healthy foods are a priority.

“It’s the perfect community for us to expand to,” John DeCicco, Jr., President of the chain of family-run supermarkets, said in a press release. “This will be our seventh store, and newest one to include the advanced environmental-friendly technologies which are proudly setting the standards of ‘clean & green’ supermarkets throughout the country.”

DeCicco looked forward to working with local schools.

“DeCicco & Sons has a strong commitment to the school districts in every community we are a part of. We look forward to supporting the over 4200 students and their families who make up the three elementary schools, two middle schools and Horace Greeley High School in the area. We provide ‘Cashier Receipt Give-Back Programs’ that accumulate a percentage of the receipts collected throughout the school year, then contributed back into the many educational and community programs that assist the students and their families. This is a huge part of what we believe in.”

DeCicco & Sons continues to be acknowledged with significant local awards, most recently, Westchester’s Best Family Run Business, The PTA Golden Oak Award, the Rotary Club’s 2015 Honorees, and the 2016 Pelham Civic Association’s Persons of the Year Award.

This new DeCicco & Sons is one of the nation’s most energy-efficient, and cleanest and greenest supermarkets, receiving the EPA’s highest certification: The Platinum Level Green Chill Certification. Its technologically advanced Heat Reclaiming Refrigeration System is only the third in New York, and the second of its kind in Westchester County (the first being the DeCicco & Sons in Larchmont).

It systematically takes all of the wasted heat that’s generated from the refrigeration system and transfers it to reusable energy to power machines to chill water, and provide heat and hot water for the entire store! Simple, clean, reusable energy. cost efficient, and ultimately, less reliance on fossil fuels.

“I have learned that the successful solution for utmost energy efficiency is not doing only one thing, but doing many things … having all of the advancements and technologies working together as one… not individual or independent installations, but a multiple of components that feed off one another,” DeCicco said. “So it’s a significant investment, but we firmly believe, a smart one with long lasting dividends for this generation and the ones to follow.”

Here’s part of their collective list of accomplishments that meet the LEED certification requirements:

  1. Rooftop solar panels generate 75% of our store’s electricity during peak sunlight.
  2. Utilization of “Daylight Harvesting” reduces electricity usage during peak daylight hours
  3. Motion sensors help reduce our electricity usage during low occupancy.
  4. Advanced, energy-efficient L.E.D. lighting uses 1/4th of the energy compared to conventional lighting.
  5. 50% energy reduction with monitored night curtains on open refrigeration.
  6. Reduced water usage via low-flow fixtures and appliances
  7. Humidity & temperature levels of store are efficiently monitored, maintained and conserved 24/7.
  8. We add recycled glass “Positive(TM)” as a replacement for Portland cement.
  9. We use reclaimed wood from century-old barns from upstate New York and buildings in NYC
  10. We use reclaimed bricks from century-old buildings from Merrimack Valley, MA.
  11. General contracting and steel fabrications was locally sourced
  12. We strongly promote reusable tote bags to avoid paper waste & save trees.
  13. Our bicycle rack encourages more bikes and fewer cars for cleaner air.