DeCicco & Sons opening up in New Castle

DeCicco’s to Open Dec. 30: New Castle’s Supermarket Returns

Great features for consumers, and cutting-edge energy efficiency too

DeCicco & Sons opening up in New Castle

Lanning Taliaferro
MILLWOOD, NY — If you’ve got shopping to do for a New Year’s Eve party, you might want to wait until Dec. 30 so you can take care of that little chore at New Castle’s new supermarket.

DeCicco & Sons confirmed that the Millwood store will open Dec. 30 in the space vacated by the A&P.

“Like I said when this deal was announced, DeCicco’s will be incredible for the Millwood Plaza, incredible for Millwood and incredible for our entire community!” said New Castle Town Supervisor Rob Greenstein.

The 20,000 square ft. store will have all the features DeCicco’s fans love, a wide selection of quality food and products, a full-service sushi counter, hot seafood selections and more.

The company is already establishing partnerships with our schools and the Millwood Community Garden, Greeinstein said.

And it is aware of the new Reusable Bag law that goes into effect Jan. 1.

“A few weeks back, Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky, Steve Wolk, Chair of our Sustainability Advisory Board, and myself met with DeCicco’s family to discuss implementation of our new Reusable Bag Initiative, which starts January 1, 2017,” he said. “They have agreed to sponsor 2,000 reusable bags. Our reusable bag initiative is 100% consistent with their long-standing commitment to the environment. In fact, their store will incorporate intelligent, energy-efficiency, clean and green renewable energy. This zero-ozone, state-of-the-art equipment systematically takes all of the wasted heat that’s generated from the refrigeration system and transfers it to reusable energy to power machines to chill water, and provide heat and hot water for the entire store! Simple, clean, reusable energy. cost efficient, and ultimately, less reliance on fossil fuels.”

In addition to the Gastropub, with its 20 taps, emphasis on a variety of craft beers from New York and around the world and frequent special events, DeCicco & Sons highlights these features coming in the Millwood store:

  • Premium Quality & Natural Meats
  • Seafood Delivered Daily
  • Fresh Produce & Deli
  • Homemade Salads, Sides & Dinners
  • Signature Series Prepared Foods
  • Homemade Baked Goods
  • Fresh Sushi
  • Conventional, Gourmet & Natural Grocery, Dairy & Frozen
  • Extensive Cheese Selection
  • Local, Specialty & Imported Goods
  • Global Selection of Craft Beers
  • Events & Cuisine
  • Juicebar featuring organic healthy juices, smoothies, and shots
  • GreenChill Platinum Certification