Some of the beer on tap at DeCicco & Sons

Our Top 5 Beers for your Thanksgiving Feast

The craft beer movement is huge here in the US. With over 25 craft breweries alone within an hour or so from NYC, I thought we should explore what’s hot for beer drinkers looking for the perfect pairing for their Thanksgiving Feast this Thursday

Some of the beer on tap at DeCicco & Sons

With Brendon O’Brien, of DeCicco’s In Store Craft Beer Bar in Armonk NY as the guide, we have selected 5 of the best, that we thought would be fantastic for your meal and you can even vote on which you like most

A little bit about DeCicco

DeCicco is my local Westchester County specialty grocer. They have brought a unique concept to this part of the world by installing a bar right in the middle of the beer section of their stores. Here, you can try craft beer on tap before you buy it and they’ll even can certain brews on site for you to take home in a ‘crowler’ (that’s a beer can to our international readers). In their larger stores, you can sit down in a pub like atmosphere and have a glass with your friends, while shopping, at lunch, or at the end of the working day, together with a bite to eat

The 28 or so beers on tap in their flagship Armonk store bar are specialty brews, of which up to 14 are from brewers local to the Hudson Valley. They also have a vast number of bottled and canned craft beers to choose from with literally 100s of varieties from the US and all over the World

Brendon tells me that IPA with its spicy and hoppy notes remains the most popular style in the US but in the last couple of years sour ales with high acidity and the tart nature of this Belgian style have begun to take hold. What makes American craft beer so unique is how its brewers have taken the traditional European styles and thrown their own local and seasonal twists into the mix, as can be seen in our selection

The Beers

Field Beer Saison – Kent Falls Brewing Company, Kent CT

“The Approachable One” is a wonderful table beer, brewed with spelt and comes from a newcomer to the local brewing community, who have already had a serious impact. It’s an easy drinking Belgian Saison style with spice flavor from the yeast and has a refreshing taste. Great for Thanksgiving appetizers and even the main event?


Buxton Red Raspberry Rye – Buxton Brewery Company, Buxton, Derbyshire UK

Although its a British infiltrator, Brendon assured me it has to be on the list. In the last couple of years, craft brewing in the American tradition has caught on in the UK too. This beer is a tart Berliner Weisse in style. The tradition was to serve a Weisse with fruit syrup. Buxton have infused their version with Raspberries for sweetness and Rye for a note of grain spice. Whilst the rye compliments the turkey, those raspberries work hand in glove with the cranberry sauce. It’s the “Perception Changer”


Rosso ‘e Marrone – Captain Lawrence Brewery Elmsford NY

This award winning classic is from a brewery, under 15 minutes travel from my home, is a Sour in style. What makes it so special is that it is fermented with grapes in used wine barrels. The style is a Belgian Oude Bruin (literally Old Brown) with the fruit flavor of red grape, a note of toffee and an underlying tartness. A great alternative for wine drinkers (the bottle even sports a champagne style cork!). Wonderful with the big bird, as its high acidity cuts through any fattiness in the turkey. A true “Ode to Oude”


Autumn Maple – The Bruery, Orange County CA

Brendon says this is his go-to Thanksgiving beer. It truly dots the i’s and crosses the t’s of what this season and Thanksgiving is all about. A heavy full bodied brown beer in the Belgian style with masses of flavor, which are so complex we recommend you drink it in small amounts (the 10% alcohol volume tends to dictate that too). Look out for flavors including a taste of bread, toast and spices, which perfectly compliment the turkey and it’s stuffing, yam, molasses and maple that work well with that sweet potato pie. Truly, “Thanksgiving in a Bottle”


Imperial Biscotti Break – Eviltwin and DeCicco NY

Coming last but certainly not least is this magnificent “Showstopper” from Eviltwin and DeCicco themselves, being their idea of a Stout incorporating hints of Italian Biscotti. An awesome After Thanksgiving Feast luxurious drink

Expect a taste of Italian Hazelnuts, vanilla and espresso in a thick, rich, jet black viscous drink with a pinch of chili as a finishing touch making it delicious for dessert


Cheers & a Very Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers!