Our blogger friends over at taste2taste interviewed our Beer Director, Brendon, about the beers you should be drinking this Thanksgiving.

This Thursday, as a newly minted US Citizen, I will join my fellow Americans in celebrating the unique US festival of Thanksgiving

For those of our readers who have never been in the USA on the last Thursday in November, this week generally involves everyone (attempting to) travel vast distances to visit their family. Then, on arrival (if they made it) over indulging in a multi course festive meal. It’s traditional to eat a monster size turkey (for which Lindsey has just posted a recipe on taste2taste) drowned in cranberry sauce and then to crown the dinner with huge slices of sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Pecan Pies. This all must be washed down with a gallon or two of wine (or so guides to New England suggest)

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