St. Joseph’s Day is one of our favorite holidays here at DeCicco & Sons!

Here’s an excerpt written by our very own Brendon O’Brien for Westchester Magazine about our homemade pastries, including the Zeppole and Sfinge.

As soon as March comes around, you can find our bakery shelves overflowing with authentic Saint Joseph’s pastries, Zeppole and Sfinges. These fried dough confections are often sprinkled with a lively dusting of powdered sugar- making for one of the simplest yet tastiest combinations in all of the dessert world. Like an airy, chewy snow-capped mountain- these delightful treats can be stuffed with cannoli filling or custard. Any way you slice it, these are a crowd favorite and something we look forward to featuring in the bakery every spring.

Click here to read the rest of the article and stop in for sales on these delicious pastries from March 10 – 23.